About the Book

Teresa Taylor is a nationally recognized telecom executive who teaches integrity, focus and vision, to working women everywhere in her new book  The Balance Myth:Rethinking Work/Life Success. Part memoir, part guide and part inspiration The Balance Myth provides unique yet palpable solutions for women to simplify the complexities of a modern professional lifestyle- from parenting and married life to friendships, business and more.

Teresa provides working solutions to real-world problems by discussing everything from planning efficient meetings to daycare solutions to infertility to dealing with adversity. In The Balance Myth, Teresa Taylor teaches women to respect, appreciate, and recognize their own personal and professional accomplishments, ultimately showing women that they shouldn’t have to take mother out of their job description in order to make it to the corner office.

"Teresa Taylor creates a vivid picture of the great challenges that arise when executive women try to have it all, as well as the great joys that come from perseverance, and ultimately proving that they can!"      -  JOHN HICKENLOOPER, Governor of the State of Colorado

"Metaphors can be a double-edged sword. They structure our thinking but can also become traps. Seasoned business executive Teresa Taylor debunks the work-life balance cliche' and exposes the dangers of zero-sum thinking. A deeply personal book with a poweful message on living a full life."  -  DANIEL DIERMEIER, IBM Professor of Regulation and Competitive Practice, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University