More information on "The Balance Myth"

Taylor, a working mom who, after years of feeling like she was failing someone--coworkers, kids, husband or friends, finally uncovered the simple truth: she would never achieve the mythical thing called 'balance' for which many women (and men) spend their adult lives searching. In fact, searching for it only creates failure, disappointment and frustration. Thus, Taylor conceived the new book  The Balance Myth: Rethinking Work/Life Success.

Each chapter includes intimate personal stories - from accepting suicide, to struggling with infertility, to the responsibility that comes with top-level government clearances - which will both inspire and provoke readers to successfully navigate their own overwhelming, personal and professional challenges.

The Balance Myth explains that one really can't have success in one area of their life without having success in the others.  Women should abandon any feelings of 'mommy guilt' and start feeling 'in power' both inside the home and at the office. It suggets that life is all about creating alternatives, options, and backup plans, and it's about asking for help. Further, The Balance Myth teaches women to respect, appreciate, and recognize their own professional and personal accomplishments.

Taylor has concluded that you can't take the mother out of the career women or the career out of the mother, and suggests that women use both to their advantage. The Balance Myth also includes the following themes:

  • Overcoming adversity in the workplace
  • Time management because you are never off the clock
  • One life and one calendar
  • How to avoid daycare failure
  • How to implement a successful 'layer' system
  • That you don't have to be the smartest person in the room
  • How to manage a meltdown
  • The privileges of leadership