A veteran presenter and savy speaker, Teresa refused to believe the hype that successful women cannot have a successful family!

Despite making up half of the work force, women are in charge of only 3.6 percent of Fortune 500 companies. One in ten of the country’s largest corporations have no women on their boards, and across the world there are only twenty female heads of state. 

These odds were all too real for Teresa Taylor as she juggled a high-profile COO position at a $12-billion telecom company, a husband, two young sons, and an increasingly demanding schedule. The balancing act wasn’t working—until she reconsidered the idea of work-life balance.

Life isn’t an equation to be solved. The only consistent outcomes are frustration, disappointment, and a lingering feeling of failure in both the home and the office.

Teresa isn’t superwoman, but she does have a message that needs to be heard: Perfect work-life balance doesn’t exist. It’s a myth we need to stop buying.

In her widely applauded presentations, Teresa connects with her audience by sharing a range of her own experiences from boardrooms to her sons’ soccer practices. Teresa’s authentic character, inspiring real-life stories, and deep passion inform her speeches and yield a personal message that resonates with audiences’ work-life realities — not their illusions.

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